We are BethRCreative, a digital marketing and content creation agency committed to helping you thrive.

We’ve grown from the humble beginnings of a one-woman copywriting gig to a full-stack digital marketing powerhouse. Our founder, Beth, heard tales of marketing agency nightmares from her copywriting clients, leading to the accidental completion of a master’s degree in digital marketing. This began a mission to flip the script, building an agency designed to under promise and over deliver. Every. Single. Time. Businesses of all sizes often find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of digital marketing or weary from terrible past experiences. It’s truly a marketing maze out there. That’s why we pride ourselves on being different.

Let’s make it clear…

We leave no stone unturned in getting crystal clear about your market, your message, your brand, your clients, and competitors, before designing custom strategies that not only make you grow but leave an unforgettable impact in your industry.

Let’s make it exceptional…

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. Our small team, made up of shameless overachievers from all four corners of the globe, ensures that nothing is out of place, be it an apostrophe, an ad, or a marketing message. Our shared love for results, high standards and a collective obsession with being the very best in our fields is the secret sauce that unites us as a team, and with our clients.

Let’s make it stress free…

When you partner with us, your marketing will go from stressful to successful. We’re not just passionate about what we do, we live and breathe it, and enjoy every step of the way. Because if it’s not fun, is it even worth doing?

Our Team

Beth Ritchie

Founder, CEO, Lead Copywriter, Marketing Consultant

I started life as a humble copywriter, back in the early days of the internet, writing Google sponsored ads (when they used to appear down the side of your search results!) over 20 years ago. I’ve done loads of random jobs over the years that only now as a “do everything entrepreneur” make sense, coming together to create a totally unique set of skills and experiences that enable me to provide something really special to the fab people I work with.

When I first started full time copywriting 10 years ago, my plan was to stay firmly in my copywriting lane. But no matter how many times I told clients “I’m just a copywriter!” and thanks to my perfectionism, high standards and inability to say no to a challenge, I ended up doing so much more.

Fast forward to now, and I’m a highly experienced copywriter (with a special interest in recruitment and HR copy and marketing), I have an MSc in Digital Marketing and I’ve grown my business organically, partnering with the very best team who are helping me banish marketing agency horror stories from our awesome clients lives.

Like the rest of the gang, I’m absolutely obsessed with being the very best at what I do (not that I’m competitive or anything, wink).

I’ve got two kids, two cats and the only way to turn my brain off is with reality TV.

Jeffrey Garcia

CTO, Chief Tech Guru, Web Design & Development, SEO

I teamed up with Beth several years ago and we have been the dream team ever since. I am passionate about using technology to drive success in the form of beautiful, high functioning websites that actually get results. All those weird codes you see in the backend of your website? That’s my language!

Lewis Doddy

Social Media. Copywriter

When I graduated from university, I thought I might be the next Stephen King – turns out I’m the opposite: I write to turn horror stories into happy endings.

With a knack for stirring emotions, capturing brand voices and writing words that stick, you’ll be reminded why AI simply cannot compete – at least not yet (gulp!).

Having worked freelance, in agencies and in-house for multiple international brands over the last 5+ years, I know how to turn lifeless business ideas into compelling stories, making your offering more meaningful and valuable.

In the words of one of the greats: “narrative transforms insignificant objects into significant ones.”

I’m also fascinated by social media. I keep my finger on the cultural pulse and leverage storytelling to ensure brands are not only relevant, but important, with the odd viral moment flashing them on everyone’s radar.

Together with Beth, a seasoned marketer and long-time mentor, and technical web Dev genius Jeff, we offer a rare blend of exceptional writing, creative ideas and innovative marketing strategy to expand your social influence, brand authority and market reach.

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